An Intro to Lola Astanova: Queen of the Keys

“Fabulous !!!! Queen of the Keys !!!”  Brian May, Queen When you envision the type of artist who performs at Carnegie Hall, who do you imagine? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Now, forget everything you think you know about classical pianist and feast your dry eyes on Lola Astanova.  Breaking the […]

How Small Art Businesses Can Pivot During COVID-19

While Coronavirus has caused irreparable damage to many small businesses, there is a glimmer of hope coming out of Half Moon Bay. Small business owner, Christie Smith, the owner of Unleashed Art Gallery, is a story of art and inspiration. Even though her gallery is closed to physical visitors, she has been utilizing a small […]

Downsize and Declutter: Quarantine Advice From A Couple of HUNKS

America’s favorite HUNKS with 4 tips on ways to downsize, declutter, and how to safely dispose of your ‘junk’ afterward If a minimalistic lifestyle isn’t something you subscribe to, chances are your home contains a load of items that you more than likely don’t have any use for anymore. The recent Stay At Home Orders […]

Tips For Moving to Online Fitness Classes

Emma Jory has had her successful online-based Pilates studio, ePilates, for the past four years.  The fitness industry has needed to make adjustments to suit the need for social distancing.  Many class-based fitness studios have moved to online instruction, and with equipment-based workouts not being a viable option for people, more of them are turning […]

What to Do When Your Business Faces a Crisis: 10 Rules to Follow

For every business, there’s always that one time when you need to manage a public relations crisis. Your response to this situation can either give your brand the spotlight edge it needs or cause a considerable damage that you and your organization may never recover from.

Taking Action and Fighting Complacency

Having a successful business takes more than just having a great idea. Running a business requires discipline and planning, and success can be determined by so many different factors.

Why Hiring A Publicist Is Vital

It is usually easy to get good publicists if you know what you need. Most of them are quite experienced, having worked with various high profile brands and individuals.