How Women Can Harness Resilience During COVID-19

During these times of uncertainty and isolation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain our mental well-being. If you’re finding yourself in a place of helplessness while in quarantine, there is hope. Resilience exists when we use mental or emotional processes and behaviors to cope with crises and protect the greater self from potential stressors. […]

The Power of Language

How Instilling Confidence in Professionals Through Language Can Change The World If you’re reading this now, there is a good chance you can identify with at least two of the following subjects; 1. You speak English 2. You own a business 3. You want to make a positive impact in the world Entrepreneurship, by nature, […]

Curating a Creative Space

It’s important to have surroundings that foster your creativity.  There’s a different energy in every room you enter, and without knowing it, they’ll influence you.  Most restaurant and store designs are intended to evoke a certain response in their customers.  When you’re home, you want to feel comfortable, and why not create a space that […]

Sticking to Routine at Home

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m desperately missing my normal routine. My days were filled doing all of the things I love. I had dance practice, yoga, painting classes, pottery classes, and language lessons throughout the week.  In my situation, I can’t do a lot of those things from home, so […]