Influencers That Are Making A Difference

I’m sure it’s not just me that struggles with understanding the fact that Kylie Jenner can make $1.2 million on one sponsored Instagram post. Can you even imagine how amazing that would be? What would you do with this kind of responsibility?  Well, luckily there are some influencers that are not just using their influencer fame to make […]

Insider Tips to Growing Your Instagram Account

Ever wonder how so many people have gotten the opportunity to become Instagram Famous? It sounds a tad silly to use those two words in the same sentence but yes it is a REAL achievement! It is not easy to go from 100 followers to 100K in a short period of time and it is definitely not easy to make that substantial amount of individuals engage with your posts. However, it is not impossible and I want to share with you the tricks to turning your personal or business account into a money making machine.

Social Media and ‘Real Life’ Finding a Healthy Balance

Balance and moderation are needed in pretty much all components of our lives. As an organization promoting Instagram sustainability and growth, why would we support ‘time off,’ or time off-line? Bad business, right? We tell you to post, like, share, add images, share images, take images…..

Unique Ways to Gain Followers in 2020

One of the largest struggles that many people face with their Instagram is accessing new followers for their page to drive engagement. It’s never easy to get new Instagram followers, especially with changes to the platform.