Mother of 3 Autistic Children Spreading Positivity in Parenting

Mother of 3 Autistic Children Spreading Positivity in Parenting

  • Alicia not only has 3 children with Autism, but she also has Autism, giving her a very unique perspective.
  • Alicia runs, an award-winning Autism blog.
  • She helps parents of Autistic children through coaching & providing resources on her blog.

Alicia Trautwein is an inspiring mother of three Autistic children who has Autism herself. She uses her experience as a certified life coach to coach parents who are struggling to raise their children with Autism. Her blog, The Mom Kind, has been recognized as one of the best Autism blogs for the past three years.

Alicia’s mission is to spread awareness and acceptance around Autism. She is a writer and motivational speaker specializing in discussions around parenting of Autistic children. She is an expert in Autism parenting, Autism in the workplace, Autism in girls, Autism and ADHD, Sleep, Wandering, Autism safety, and more.

With rates of Autism increasing and diagnoses becoming more prevalent, readers will be looking for experts to guide them through the many challenges that come with parenting autistic children. Trautwein says “By getting in front of parents of children with Autism, we can create acceptance early on and put the children in a much better position to thrive.” 

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