Tips For Moving to Online Fitness Classes

Tips For Moving to Online Fitness Classes

Emma Jory has had her successful online-based Pilates studio, ePilates, for the past four years.  The fitness industry has needed to make adjustments to suit the need for social distancing.  Many class-based fitness studios have moved to online instruction, and with equipment-based workouts not being a viable option for people, more of them are turning to Yoga and Pilates or other bodyweight based workouts. Emma is a great resource for fitness professionals looking to turn to this remote style instruction as well as a great resource for people looking to maintain their fitness while in their self-quarantine. Here are some tips from Emma about her experience as an online fitness professional.

What struggles have you faced moving from a brick and mortar to an online-based business?

“My biggest struggle was online marketing. It was used to having people look for me and search for me in the local area or have walk-by traffic. When it comes to the online space, people were not often looking for online options (pre COVID-19 that is)”

Have you noticed any changes in your business since the COVID-19 pandemic?

I have a lot more interest in my online classes now people are in quarantine; they are looking for online options and prepared to give it a go more often than before. Business has picked up for sure. 

Do you have any tips for people moving to an online-based format?

 It’s a long game, so be prepared to stick at it once you start. If you don’t see results quickly, don’t worry, it takes time, but it is worth it in the end.  

What are some tips on how to structure your classes?

I like to make sure my clients are looked after, so I offer modifications for all levels of experience.  

What are some of your suggestions for recording classes to make them look more visually appealing for the customers?

 Try to have good lighting it really makes a difference to the look and feel of a video. 

What are some tips on home workouts?

 I like to make sure my clients are listening to their own body, sure I’m the teacher, but at the end of the day I encourage them to listen to their own inner teacher. This ensures they stay safe and do what level they are capable of at that point in time. 

What are some of the specific benefits of Pilates?

 Pilates helps to improve posture, flexibility, core strength and it also strengthens and tones the whole body. It helps to balance the body, helping to prevent injury as well as rehabilitate from injuries. Pilates is a great mind and body exercise, so it helps to destress and relax you but also energizes you at the same time. It can help to lower blood pressure, reduce aches and pains, and also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Any suggestions on how to maintain fitness motivation when stuck at home?

I believe it is important to make realistic goals. Even reduce the goals slightly. If you set a plan to do 3 workouts a week and achieve them is better than planning to do 5 and only doing 3 in the end. You will always feel more positive if you have achieved your goals. It helps to reinforce feeling good and you are more likely to continue. If you are feeling down on yourself and unsatisfied you are more likely to give up and not have the motivation. So be kind to yourself. Set realistic goals .

Is there anything that you feel sets you and your business apart?

I offer very personalized care to my clients. Even though it is an online program, I assist my clients if they have injuries, if they need coaching, or direction on what to do for their body. My online programs offer many options for different levels of experience and conditions. I help to rehabilitate injuries and educate my clients about their body. IT’s more than just exercise…it’s a lifestyle of learning to love your body and work with your own body and where it’s at right now. 

Moving to online fitness whether it’s as an instructor or a student is a process that takes time and adjustment, but it’s a necessary change in our current situation. Success can be found as online fitness specialist, Emma Jory, has shown with her successful business ePilates online.

Emma Jory

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